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 Trading Draft Picks

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Trading Draft Picks Empty
PostSubject: Trading Draft Picks   Trading Draft Picks Icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 9:36 pm

I just made 4 threads, for each year from 2011 to 2014, naming all the picks that have been traded. These are not in final standing ranks, just team names and if their pick was traded or not. For the draft, we'll make another thread, based on final standings that correlates to the picks traded as mentioned by these new threads.

Now onto a bit of a change in trades now.

1) From now on, when you post a trade that has a pick involved, please post in these picks thread as well. So if say you traded a 2011 pick, and also a 2012 pick. Please post in BOTH the 2011 pick thread and the 2012 pick thread, so we can update it as soon as possible. I know this is an extra step in work, but it's to avoid trading picks that are no longer under your control (happened 5 times in the last year or so). We can't approve trades unless the post has been made on the picks thread as well. If your trade does not involve a pick, business as usual, just the Trade Announcement post. Otherwise, we need a Trade Announcement Post and a picks traded post in corresponding thread for which year the pick is being traded in. This is done so we have a log from you as to when the picks are traded, rather than a year from now having to search through old threads to find them to confirm.

2) Conditional Picks- I labeled all the picks that are involved as conditional, and left a little explanation for it. When you trade a conditional pick, the other partner(s) in the trade have to acknowledge that they know there is a conditional attached to it be it from that trade or a trade prior.

3) I'll most likely have a thread updated on the upcoming draft with position based picks rather than just the team names tomorrow.

If you find any errors or irregularities, let me know.
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Trading Draft Picks
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