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 Forum Re-Organization Ideas

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PostSubject: Forum Re-Organization Ideas   Forum Re-Organization Ideas Icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 7:56 pm

Heres some ideas that I'd like discussed:

1.) In tons of topics, there are a lot of old posts that seem irrelevant. Some of these could still be useful at some point and time so why don't we place messages from past year's in their own sub topics inside the folder. Like below,

< Clubhouse
< 2010 topics leave out in full view
< 2009 Folder
< All topics from 2009 found in here
< 2008 Folder
< All topics from 2008 found in here

Repeat this same style with the following;
League Updates and Questions
Trades Completed
Trade Block
Minor League Bidding
OTC Text

2.) League Standings & Records can be done away with and replaced with "League History", where each year's winner is listed along with Division Winners and an order of finish. League Standings & Records have never been fully updated and just clutter up the forums. A "League History" could be quite useful as a resource.

3.) EBHD Draft Information can be done away with as it has outdated information that is no longer useful, though we can make a new topic called "EBHD Draft History" where the inaugural draft information along with 2009 and 2010 MiLB Draft Results can be found. The threads in the Draft Room can be removed as the Past Draft Results could then be found under "EBHD Draft History".

4.) E-Mail's sent to all members to the league to please update Personal Information & Cell Phone Directory, to make sure both are up-to date.

< Cell Phone Directory needs Ex-Owners Cell Phone Numbers removed
< Remove Personal Info for Ex-Managers

5.) And I believe this is the most important improvement, we need to add a new main topic along with General League Discussion, Rules & Settings, League Information, EBHD Draft Center, Transactions/Rosters, Manager Information. This new topic would be called "Off-Season Amendments and Voting", and it would be set up as the following;

Off-Season Amendments & Voting
> Ammendment Proposals - Discussion forum for any proposal brought up from March to February each year
> Voting Booth
+ Proposal #1 *Locked to comments
+ Proposal #2 *Locked to comments
+ Proposal #3 *Locked to comments

We would gather our proposals each year in February, draft up the voting polls, post the polls at one time and give everyone 14 days to vote. After the voting ends, thats it for voting for that off-season. This way, the Amendment proposals and Voting would be out for everyone to see and not hidden in a couple sub folders.


I would be more than willing to help with any of these tasks as I realize the commishes have a lot of their hands already. Just give me the ok and the abilities within the forum to do so and I'd get to work on them.

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Re-Organization Ideas   Forum Re-Organization Ideas Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 9:29 am

Here's a crazy idea.....do we even need a year round forum? Through CBS we can execute trades, post on the blocks, post our contact information, keep historical records, post the rules and constitution, hold discussions through the message board, etc. We can probably just reduce the message board to a bare bones forum for processing the minor league bids and minor league draft and maybe a few discussion topics. But I really don't think we need it for contact info, team rosters, on the blocks, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Re-Organization Ideas   Forum Re-Organization Ideas Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 8:54 am

Well there are a few reasons why we need a board. One personal information on CBS wouldn't be as protected, whereas here we can prevent people who are not part of the league from seeing your phone number, email, etc.

The roster update rule basically has been voted out, so we won't be doing that.

If we put too much stuff on CBS, that clutters up that message board there since there is only really one primary message board, so we figure it'd be much more organized this way.

On helping out, I believe Jam volunteered to help out with the Milb updates and Bryan wants to help re-organize. I'll make you both Mods to help out. Just give me a couple days to do it.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Re-Organization Ideas   Forum Re-Organization Ideas Icon_minitime

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Forum Re-Organization Ideas
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